10 Best Jennifer Connelly Films
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10 Best Jennifer Connelly Films

10 Best Jennifer Connelly Films

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Jennifer Connelly is no doubt one of the most prominent actresses in their early forties who may have not shared the same glamour like other female film artists but remained to show their acting prowess every now and then. She was also one of the most sought after leading ladies who shared the limelight with some of Hollywood’s most famous actors. Born 12th December 1970 in New York, her upbringing was brought forth by her unique beauty that gained her parent’s friend’s attention that she will make a fine model.   After some news and magazine ads appearances, she was able to gain her first film featured in a Duran Duran music video. This took her later to another part in Sergio Leone’s film “Once Upon A Time in America” (1984) and her first starring role in Dario Argento’s “Phenomena” in 1985. She is presently married to actor Paul Bettany (A Knight’s Tale, Legion, Priest) and is still actively appearing in more films to date. Below were ten of her famous films for your consideration.

1. Phenomena (1984) – Jennifer’s first leading film role was in this film by Dario Argento in which she portrayed a child with special powers to communicate with insects. The film performed well in the box office in Europe while it was released in the US version title “Creepers”.

2. Labyrinth (1986) – Jennifer took the role of 15 year old Sarah, left alone at home to look after Toby, her baby brother. A fantasy story to make Toby sleep brought some misadventure while she unconsciously conjured Jareth (David Bowie) the Goblin King to take away her baby brother. The quest to retrieve Toby from Jareth before nightfall became the twist to the story.

3. The Hot Spot (1990) – Jennifer joined forces with Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and Virginia Madsen (Sideways) in this erotic thriller about a drifter who settled down in Texas as a car salesman. A tempting opportunity to rob a poorly guarded local bank showed him a short cut to riches but his affair with two alluring women ended it all.

4. The Rocketeer (1991) – Jennifer teamed up with Bill Campbell on the lead role of this comic book adaptation. Set in the late 30’s, pilot Cliff Secord (Campbell) gained possession of an interesting backpack which turned out to be a stolen prototype rocket motor. Pursued by villains, the Nazis and the Feds, the chase made up the thrill in the story. 

5. Dark City (1998) – Jennifer Connelly reunites with Rufus Sewell and Kiefer Sutherland in playing the lead characters of this Alex Proyas’ Dark Fantasy film. In a world which stops at midnight, the lives of the people were modified by strange beings making them wake up with a bit of amnesia afterwards.  Accused of murder, John Murdoch (Sewell) ended up the whole plot saving the people from a fabricated reality that caught up the world.

6. A Beautiful Mind (2001) – Jennifer took the role of Alicia, John Nash’s wife. The film is  based on the life story of famed mathematician and Nobel Prize recipient John Nash played by Russell Crowe. Nash’s struggle to cope with his genius and advancing state of paranoid schizophrenia made the interesting aspect of the film.

7. Hulk (2003) – Jennifer joined Eric Bana in this American superhero film based on Marvel comics character of the same title. Director Ang Lee’s direction,  in the making of this film and the combined  efforts of screenwriters added by CGI effects made this Hulk film stand out from other superhero films and prove its worth in the box office.

8. Dark Water (2005) – Dahlia (Connelly) was still bearing the anxiety of a custody  battle with her daughter against her ex-husband Kyle (Dougray Scott). Seeking refuge in a rundown apartment in Roosevelt Island prove to be an added misfortune as they became tangled with the apartment’s past, a restless ghost of its former resident who didn’t found peace in the afterlife.  

9. Reservation Road (2007) – In this crime drama thriller, Jennifer played Grace Learner alongside Joaquin Phoenix (Ethan Learner) as the latter’s wife. The life of the Learner couple was turned upside down when they lost their son in a hit and run accident at Reservation Road. Seeking the services of a lawyer who turned out to be the perpetrator behind the accident provided the twist to the story.

10. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) – Jennifer took the role of scientist Helen Benson  conjuring with Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) playing the human like alien in this remake of a 1951 sci-fi classic. The CGI effects brought to life the unimaginable disaster that could be expected from an alien invasion where human beings were left without a choice for their own survival. 




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Comments (14)

I guess I know her best as the little girl from Labyrinth.

Nicely done! Thanks much

Very interesting

You are always unique.Thanks for the share.

I would put Dark City at number one - but she's great in everything.

Thanks a lot for the reactions, everyone.

Thanks for sharing this great information.

I first saw her in the film labyrinth and she was so pretty.

Thank you for summarizing these fine films with Jennifer Connely

She is great in A Beautiful Mind, Hulk and the rest.

A great review of a beautiful actress and a list of some of the movies I have ever seen. Jennifer played her roles in all of those movies to perfection.

I want to include 28 Weeks Later and X-Men First Class.LOL!

A genuinely good actress, I rate Dark City as one of my favourite films. Great info, deep :D

Jen Connelly – the wide-eyed innocent girl.