8 Odd Job Starts for Male Celebrities
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8 Odd Job Starts for Male Celebrities

8 Odd Job Starts for Male Celebrities
            Most of us may have approached finding a job meticulously that if one has attained a college degree, many will opt for a higher position right away. We maybe acquainted with a friend who has never started a job in his life because he or she doesn’t want to start working in the lowest position bragging about his or her educational attainment. Let us consider 8 famous male celebrities and how they attained stardom by starting at odd jobs which have nothing to do with acting or singing in the first place.

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Harrison Ford – Carpenter

Before he attained his present status as actor and producer with nearly 70 combined film and TV appearances to his credit he started bit roles in films with the New Talent program of Columbia Pictures during the mid 60s. Not satisfied with part time roles, Ford became a self-taught carpenter and at a time became a stagehand for the rock band The Doors. His carpentry work credited him with the sun deck he built for Sally Kellerman and a recording studio for Sergio Mendes. His carpentry work actually led him to his most coveted role when George Lucas hired him to build cabinets at his home which later gained him the role of Han Solo in Star Wars. The rest is history and at present he is one of a few actors certified as a pilot owning 10 aircraft and 1 helicopter. Carpentry isn’t a bad job what do you think?

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Charles Bronson – Miner

Famous for his Death Wish series of films as a vigilante and in other films as a cop aside from his Spaghetti Western appearances, Bronson was born to one of the less fortunate families and lived in poverty in his childhood. Bronson was said to have worked in a coal mine after his father died when he was only 10. His pay was $1 for a ton of coal he mined and his family’s state of poverty was so grave that he was told to wear his sister’s dress because he had nothing else to wear in attending school. He enlisted in the US Army Air Forces in 1943 and worked odd jobs after the war before he finally got his opportunity to do film roles.

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Rod Stewart – Grave Digger

Roderick David Stewart was born in a middle class family in London, England and by average standards was considered spoiled being the youngest of five children. Things started when Stewart left school at age 15 that he began taking odd jobs from silk screen printing to training to play football influenced by his father into dreaming of becoming a professional football player. Lacking the enthusiasm owing to the rigorous training scheme, he resorted to work in the family shop then as a newspaper delivery boy before resorting to work at Highgate Cemetery as a grave digger to fight his childhood fear of death. He had a lot of a change of heart in his life’s career afterwards before he started at music in 1962 when he joined the Ray Davies Quartet.

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Billy Joel - Amateur Boxer

Before Billy Joel became an accomplished singer he took up boxing in his teenage years in order to defend himself having been born in The Bronx, New York. His amateur boxing career progressed successfully that he advanced to win twenty two bouts on the Golden Gloves circuit. His career was however cut short when he met a powerful punch that broke his nose on his 24th bout. Thus being earlier influenced by his father who was a classical pianist he turned full time to music afterwards.

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Steve McQueen - Lumberjack

Terence Steven McQueen in real life had a troubled youth forcing his family to enter him at a correctional facility named the California Junior Boys Republic in Chino, California. When released, he met two sailors and volunteered on a seagoing vessel bound to Dominican Republic before returning to Texas. Hopping from one job to another, he then worked as a janitor at a brothel, oil rigger, carnival salesman and then as a lumberjack. He joined the US Marine Corps afterwards and started his career with acting after he was honourably discharged.

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Jim Carrey – Stand Up Comedian

Before Jim Carrey became a professional actor in films he had been working as a stand up comedian in Toronto before he turned 19. In the 80s his decision of moving to Los Angeles actually started his career when he was discovered by comedian Rodney Dangerfield as he was on the same job at The Comedy Store. After working with Dangerfield for some time, he auditioned for being a cast member of the 1980-81 Saturday Night Live which later led him to much higher roles and eventually his debut film appearance that kickstarted his career.

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Sean Connery – Milkman

Thomas Sean Connery was voted as the Greatest Living Scot. The man who gave the first breath of life to the James Bond character before it was passed on to his 5 successors started working as a milkman in Edinburgh at the Cooperative Society in St. Cuthbert. Joining the Royal Navy may have saved him from all the odd jobs in life but he was discharge due to duodenal ulcer. This led him back to work at the cooperative and later as a lorry driver, an artist’s model for the students of Edinburgh College of Art and of all other occupations, a coffin polisher before he tried his talent at acting.

Image Credit

Burt Reynolds – Dishwasher

Burton Leon Reynolds, Jr. had a promising upbringing in acting while taking college that earned him the 1956 Florida State Drama Award for his role in a school play. While on scholarship to take acting class and waiting for acting opportunities after failing an audition for a film due to his semblance to Marlon Brando, he worked odd jobs as a waiter, dishwasher, bouncer and dockworker.










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Comments (12)

Can you imagine having your milk delivered by a young Sean Connery?

Great article! good insight into the men behind the image!

Thanks for the comments Rae, Robert. With the exception of Jim Carrey who made use of his talent as stand up comedian, everyone started from the lowliest. An inspiring life experience isn't it?

OH NO WAY!!! this is too cool, a minor, a lumbarjack, I love it.

Jim Carey actually had a really modest upbringing. His family lived outside for a short time when he was growing up.

Jim Carey was no surprise (maybe because I am Canadian), but some of the others were.

They are brilliant stars in life.

Good insight into some famous actor's backgrounds. Everyone had to start somewhere. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Yap, I forgot to say Jim Carrey is a Canadian-American, Brenda. Don't tell me all Canadians are comedians, lol.

Very interesting! Some of those guys had tough lives.

Time to learn some carpentry work! I do wonder if there are any chefs who became A-list celebrities, though.

Super interesting bunch of information and so nicely offered by you.