8 Part Series on How to Market Your Film
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8 Part Series on How to Market Your Film

This is an 8 part series on how to make your film a sell able product, So you can continue to fund your art.

This is an 8 part series where I will let you know great and most of the time inexpensive (if not free) ways to make your film into a sellable product. I will show you how to build a fan base, how to keep people interested, and how to use your built up fan base enough to use as an asset when it comes time to sell the film. I will also show you ways not get recognized and possible deals even if your film is not selling or just not able to find it's market. I will touch on a few things to do in production but I will save production for another series of articles. After reading this you will have a new game plan before you ever even start your rough draft of your film. This process will take a little extra effort, but every bit of effort you put into this process you will save even more in the end.  It will also help you know if you have a winning product.

I have just began the festival run for Terrible Things and I realized there is a lot of knowledge needed in this process for relatively new filmmakers. So this month I will be posting on some very important things you need to take into consideration for your end product.

-Prepping your product overview

      -here i will discuss everything in a vague outline so you can plan your strategy and see if you need to bring someone on board.

-Website: Trailer, Production Stills, About the Filmmakers, Head shots, Video Blogs

     - Here i will show you great ways to make you Website, for free, and I will also show you how to make a professional site for the cost of a domain name and $1 a month hosting. I will let you know everything to include and the reasons why.

-Press Kit

      -this is a step most people forget about, they either over stuff it or leave too much to mystery. After reading this and seeing examples from works past, you will have a better understanding of what is required of you.


      -In this part i will let you know about the interviews and why they are almost as important as production itself.


      -planning ahead and getting a documentarian on board is essential.


      -this is some insight on how to Handel the press and make them work for you.

-Once you’ve been accepted

       -creating a buzz, branding not only your project but yourself. You are just as important as your film.

-The Festival, the outcome, and alternative options

       -Festivals are tricky, you have to be ready for anything. I will discuss here what to do if it's a hit a miss, or just was in the shadow of another huge film. There are other alternatives after a festival run.

After you read this I hope you will put this all into consideration for how to prep your film for Festivals. One of the most important things it to start this in Pre-Production.

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