Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry Films
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Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry Films

Clint EastwoodÂ’s Dirty Harry Films
           Clint Eastwood’s film image as a Hollywood icon can’t be describe in a single sentence since we knew he had been credited with nearly a hundred films and TV series performances. Whether it be in the capacity of an actor, producer, director and in such varied roles as a cowboy, law enforcer, soldier, preacher, plain citizen, circus performer and more we could hardly think of, we knew Clint Eastwood is a name larger than life itself. Be it good or bad, Clint has just the right knack for it. Speaking about the latter, here were five films in the series of Clint Eastwood’s “bad side” (playing Dirty Harry) when he did it good.

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1. Dirty Harry (1971)   -  Released in 1971, this is the first film that started the famous Dirty Harry series for Clint Eastwood. He played Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan of San Francisco Police Department who was noted to popularize the .44 Magnum as “the most powerful handgun in the world” based on one of his famous lines in the scene while talking to one of the robbers in a bank robbery. Directed by Don Siegel, the film became a commercial success grossing more than 7 times its estimated production budget in the US alone which prompted a sequel 2 years later, Magnum Force.

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2. Magnum Force (1973)    -    Inspector Harry Callahan is back into action in this sequel to “Dirty Harry”. A series of vigilante killings against the city’s bad elements presented a new challenge to Inspector Harry Callahan more to the fact that the murder victims were eliminated with powerful Magnum revolvers wielded by unidentified killers dressed in cop uniforms. In the end Inspector Callahan was fazed by the reality that his boss, Lieutenant Briggs (Hal Holbrook) was also a member of the vigilante squad along with the rookie members of the department and he was on his own given the option to join or not being able to walk out of it alive if he refuse. As the course of the story ends Dirty Harry “definitely knows his limitations” and the ending turned up into his favour with the whole vigilante squad meeting their end while Inspector Callahan fought his own way out of the tight spot.

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3. The Enforcer (1976)    -   The third film in the Dirty Harry film series, inspector Harry Callahan was reunited with a female partner, newly promoted Inspector Kate Moore (Tyne Daly) following the death of his partner Frank DiGeorgio (Chris Mitchum). Altogether they battle a militant organization called the People’s Revolutionary Strike Force (PRSF) which after stealing high powered weapons, gained further notoriety by kidnapping the town mayor and demanding a huge ransom. The duo, (Inspector Callahan and Moore) succeeded in rescuing the mayor to safety but not without risk for which Inspector Moore died while saving Harry’s life at the end of this sequel.

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4. Sudden Impact (1983)       It took seven years before the fourth sequel on the Dirty Harry film series came to being. This time Clint Eastwood came back for the lead role being the film’s director and producer at the same time and having to popularize the line “Go ahead, make my day” which turned out to be the sixth most memorable line in cinema history as voted in a poll. It also featured Sondra Locke, Eastwood’s real life partner on the role of Jennifer Spencer whose character with her sister was gang raped at the course of this film and took her own brand of justice by seeking personal vengeance killing everyone who took part in the rape scene which victimized her and her sister. Police Inspector Harry Callahan introduced another .44 Magnum variant, the auto mag in this film. He was sent on vacation by his boss following another untoward clash with the bad guys who attempted to kill him but were killed themselves in turn. While on vacation, Harry and Jennifer’s path crossed together which at the end of the film, got Jennifer into another scene to be gang-raped when the surviving member of the gang took her at gunpoint, Inspector Callahan arrived in time to save her after shooting the last of the rapists and walking with Jennifer gaining time for each other to cool down after their ordeals.

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5. The Dead Pool (1988)       The fifth and the last in the Dirty Harry film series, this film was released five years after Sudden Impact and figured Inspector Harry Callahan into another maze of deadly encounters with the antagonists. A deranged fan (Harlan Rook) of a slasher film director (Liam Neeson) commits a series of murders with celebrities and those working in risky jobs as subjects. Inspector Harry Callahan gets an Asian sidekick in the person of Inspector Al Quan and at the same time gets intimate with reporter Samantha Walker (Patricia Clarkson). The ending figured Walker taken as bait for Inspector Callahan to fall into a death trap but Dirty Harry as always gained the upper hand and killed Rook with a harpoon despite losing hold of his .44 Magnum revolver.


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nice article

'You make my day' Will, thanks.

You made my day too, deep blue. too..nice post Deep! really enjoyed this..:) v+done

Phenomenal work, Deep Blue. I love Clint Eastwood, especially the Dirty Harry movies. I think they declined in quality as the series went on and I can't endorse the politics, but Dirty Harry and Magnum Force are great movies - excellent Jazz Funk scores and great use of San Francisco locations.

yes they were great movies that is for sure

Liked and tweeted.

Great Article ! I love Clint Eastwood's films The Good, Bad and the Ugly is a family favorite and so is Dirty Harry ...