Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, A Personal Review
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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, A Personal Review

The game of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the best I've ever played. This personal review is, of course, what I think of the game. To all those interested, read this article to find out more of what a satisfied customer/fellow gamer thinks. Plus, if you are already playing the game and simply need some tips, there are some in here too. Depending on what your interests are, you'll either really like this game or it'll bore you. It's obvious which one I am.

When most gamers think of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, they tend to think World of Warcraft, RPG, or even the best game ever made. Despite the fact that it beat out other games like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Call of Duty, and other top notch game titles to win the 2011 Video Game of the Year award, I had to get it myself. Being a gamer with no Xbox Live, it's hard to find a game that I can play for hours on end and be satisfied with. That all ended though on 11-11-11. That day was pretty much the end of my social life (bad joke), but in all reality, I was blown away by the game. The thing that's incredible about RPG games is that you can pretty much be whatever you want and do whatever you want. Sure the intro to the game was short and simple, but once I clicked the start button, my mind was blown. The graphics of the game are incredible. Magazines like Gameinformer even agree with others that the graphics are some of the best that have ever been but into a game. Now, when I started playing the game, I took into account all the good and bad that was Skyrim (yes, there was some bad about it, not a lot though). Let's start with the good. One thing that I find about the game is that it is extremely replayable. The fact that even when I'm done with the main quest, I can do other things, impresses me. I like the fact that the main quest doesn't completely control the game like most others. In reality, it's just a minor part of what is Skyrim. Next, as stated before, are the graphics. When you are first entered into the game and your heading into Helgen, I was very happy with all the detail put in. I noticed how the wrinkles and expressions of the people, and folds of clothing that they were wearing were more emphasized than in other games played. Even all throughout the game I really looked forward to exploring new places and seeing all the great detail put in. Bethesda really outdid themselves on this. Next is the actual gameplay. I enjoyed the fact that you could basically be who you wanted to be and how you wanted to be it. Whether it was a Redguard mage or a Nord that uses two-handed weaponry, ranging from light armor to heavy armor specialists, there was a number of options and diversity that I just straight-up enjoyed. Despite all the good things about the game, I noticed a few bad things. Firstly, there is so much detail and information within the game to create everything that you'll freeze every once in a while, a little more often than most other games. So I would try to save once every little bit, like after every quest completed and place discovered so you don't have to worry about losing any important datNext, there are certain spots in the game that if you get caught in a cave or tower, you can get caught in a glitch and you can't get out no matter what you try. This has happened to me only three times out of roughly 100 hours of gameplay. Lastly, I'm not too picky about this, but the voices in the game are really repetative. By that I mean there aren't very many different ones so people are going to sound the same...a lot. All-in-all, I personally give the game a 98/100.For someone who doesn't have Xbox Live and still want a good game, get Elder Scrolls V! It has given me lots of gametime and the availability of doing many different quests and doing many different roles. I'd estimate an easy 700 hours of gameplay before you run out of stuff to do for just 1 character. Plus, it's fun to go around and kill all the guards in certain cities because then you become a badass (I did this in Riften; my bounty is now 25000 gold). So I definately would consider getting this game and recommending it to anyone. If you still aren't certain about my review or personal critique of the game, check out www.gameinformer.com and other gaming sites for certainty. As a fellow gamer, trust me, it's worth the $60.

Just some tips for the game:

ARMOR = To get really good armor, you first want to work on your smithing and get it really good. When you do, you'll eventually be able to make daedric and dragonscale armor. Personally, I'd go with the daedric for the heavy armor. It's better than any other. You'll just need ebony ingots, leather straps, and a daedric heart per piece of armor and weaponry (For daedric hearts, check Mehrunes Dagon's shrine once every gameweek). It looks very intimidating and is more effective than any other heavy armor out there. For light armor people, I'd go for the dragonscale. Daedric doesn't make light armor, so it's your best bet. It not only looks cool, but its the strongest light armor you'll find in the game (that's not enchanted or enhanced but you can do that to dragonscale armor too). For dragonscale armor, you'll need to kill a lot of dragons and take their bones and scales afterwards. Stock pile on these items and collect leather straps at the same time. Dragonscale is a lot easier to get and make than daedric. If your smithing skill isn't that high yet, I'd go for ebony or glass (depending if you are a heavy or light armor person).

WEAPONRY = Daedric is the best in weaponry, whether it'd be warhammers, greatswords, battleaxes, daggers, anything. It is pretty much the same as the armor section above. You need to get your smithing abilities to be good, then collect the same items as the armor. It's made the same way. If your smithing skill isn't that high yet, I'd go for either ebony or glass. Now daedric doesn't make arrows as far as I know so if you're an archer, ebony is your best bet for arrows. For a bow, go daedric. Dragonscale makes only armor, no weapons (this disappointed me too).

I have nothing on magic since I suck at magic and always will. I'm more of an upfront, personal kind of guy.


Speech - If you want to get your speech up really high, go to riften and check out the Black Briar meadery. I'm not going to spoil anything but there is someone inside who you may be able to "persuade" to help you get your speech higher.

Archery - Go find a camp of giants and mammoths with a watersource nearby. Crouch into the deeper part of the water and start hitting them with your arrows. They won't go in the water to attack you but occasionally might run away. So when they do, get out and keep shooting until they come back. This will help you increase your archery skills easily.

Treasure - There's a hidden chest somewhere in Dawnstar by the mine entrance. Inside will be many items that's level will be around the same as yours, whether terrible or great. You'll find money, lockpicks, weapons, armor, and other misc. items inside.

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