Hollywood Walk of Fame Trivia Facts
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Hollywood Walk of Fame Trivia Facts

More trivia about the Stars of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With the summer in full swing and the tourists from around the world coming to see Hollywood, here are a few small facts and customs about the Hollywood Walk of Fame that you may not know.

First, there are five separate types of emblems inside the Stars, each representing a different segment of the Entertainment Industry.

  • A Television Set (the old type, not a digital plasma) represents the Television Industry.
  • A Movie Camera (again, the Old type, that actually used film) represents the Film Industry.
  • A Phonograph (an Old Record, required a needle to play) represents the Music Industry
  • A Radio Microphone (Old Type of Microphone) represents the Radio Industry
  • And the last to be added, the Comedy/Tragedy Mask representing Theater and live Performances.

The next little piece of trivia is the custom, meant to bring good luck, is the tradition, started in the nineteen eighties, called the "Star Touch."  

  • When one's favorite star is found, the proper tradition is to bend down, at the bottom of the star, that is the place where you can read the name straightforward,
  • Place your left hand on the first letter of the name, 
  • then, without removing the left hand, take the right hand touch every point, on the star, in clockwise order starting from the Top Point.
  • If a person does this, without moving their left hand off the letter of the Star, they will have Good luck for the remainder of their stay in Hollywood.

Trivia alert!   The first Star to be permanently laid was the director Stanley Kramer's Star, in 1960, not Joanne Woodward, who was one of eight stars selected from a hat,  to represent the originally selected 1550 stars from within the entertainment community and she was the first to pose with a star.  Gene Autry is the Only Star to have all five type of stars.  A few errors on the names of the stars have been made, stars have had their names misspelled,  but eventually corrected, Dick Van Dyke was spelled Vandyke and Julia Louis-Dreyfus was spelled Julia Luis Dreyfus, Don Haggerty's first name was laid as Dan,  which caused a lot of confusion with the star that played Grizzly Adams, when his star was submitted because his name was Dan Haggerty, and Mauritz Stiller's last name suffered the same fate, when it was placed as Mauritz Diller. 

Other hollywood star traditions and superstitions have sprung up through the years.

For the strange and offbeat fan, five Stars are said to be Haunted, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Jean Harlow, Charlie Chaplin, Thelma Todd, and Natalie Wood.  Then there is the case of Bela Lugosi's Star on a full moon, which is said to emanate a light green mist when the moon is brightest.

Two Stars are said to bring the Star Toucher immediate financial prosperity, Carole Lombard and Veronica Lake.

One Star has a wish reputation in two areas of human nature, Audrey Hepburn.  It is said that if one lays down a single rose, then walks around her star nine times and asks her help in matters of the heart (true love) or on matters concerning children, that help arrives and good things happen happens.

To end this article one more little piece of trivia about the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  There are over a mile of stars located on fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard, between Labrea Avenue and Gower Street, and on three blocks extending down Vine Street from Yucca Boulevard to Sunset Boulevard.

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Comments (3)

Cool article, it makes me want to go there!


Where on earth do you people get this info? Laughable and totally made up!

Dear Ana, thank you for your comment. First, I have grown and worked in the film industry and Hollywood, since 1954. I was there when they laid the stars, all of the original 1550 stars were laid at the same time, but Stanley Kramer's was the first. Star Touching came to be in the early eighties and was started by a group of John Belushi's fans, and eventually became a tradition with other star touchers. The stories of the star hauntings have been going on for several years, as well as certain buildings, sound stages, and even the Hollywood Sign. The Bela Lugosi mist rumor was started in the early 1990's after a tourist, from London, fainted near the spot. A paramedic, during routine questioning as to her condition, was informed by her that she had watched a green mist come up from the star and follow her. the story would have died there, except it was overheard by a tabloid reporter for the globe. There are several cases of the good fortune, in matters of love and about children, brought to people after they visited the Audrey Hepburn Star on Vine near Hollywood. Are traditions and customs true? Who am I to say, I just report what they are and what is supposed to happen. Personally, I do not discount any of them, because I have seen to many weird things in this life, in Hollywood, to think it couldn't happen. Thank you.