How To Find a Music Producer
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How To Find a Music Producer

What to look for in a Music Producer.How to attract a music producer to help you with your music career.

When you're an up-and-coming recording artist, finding a good music producer to produce your music is critical to the success of your album. Independent artists often can't afford a well-known music producer, so they have to rely on unknown musical talent to record the material. To get the best out of your music recording, you should know what a music producer is and how to search and procure a producer on little or no recording budget.

Create a demo tape. To create a demo tape, all you need is an idea and a voice. If you are a songwriter/recording artists, be prepared to sing one of your original tracks a cappella. But if you really want to be creative, try singing of your original songs to a royalty-free industry instrumental. This will give a music producer a sense of your creativity and versatility with regard to your talent. What you want to focus on is displaying your vocal talent and if possible, your vocal range. It is important for music producers to know the depths of your creativity.

Many unknown producers either work from their home studios or record routinely at professional studios throughout the city. A good way to find them is to simply frequent local recording studios in your area. Take some time and find the local recording studios in your area and set up times to meet with the owners and check out the studios. Pick a time to view the studio during or around recording sessions. This will give you the opportunity to possibly listen in on a recording session and check out a music producer in action. You can also observe how the music producer works in collaboration with the artist. A good music producer can produce just about anything that's translated to them by the thoughts and ideas of the recording artist. This is the type of producer you'll need to help you translate your vision to music.

Promote your talent at talent shows..You can also find music producers at local talent shows. Sometimes music producers that are working on projects seek out artist that can help them with their production needs. Many producers look for backup singers to help them develop rhythms to their existing songs. You can get the attention of producers performing in talent shows or networking with them after the show. In summary, be persistence and creative in your search. Your talent will do the rest. You can refer to the link in resources for more information on finding music producers. Good luck in your search!

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Comments (3)

some "sound" advise for musicians.

Excellent advice for anyone looking for a music producer. Just to add to that, having a great rapport with your producer is essential to producing a great track. This is a quality that you should look out for when looking for a producer. You need someone that can bring the best out of you.

As a music producer, Im always on the look out for promising talent to work with. So feel free to hit me up

Raz Klinghoffer is the best LA record producer for indie artists