Is It Worthwhile to Subscribe to Netflix?
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Is It Worthwhile to Subscribe to Netflix?

If you like to watch lots of movies but is not particular or have any preference about the kind of movies that you watch, then getting Netflix is really a no-brainer because it is a superb bargain

If you like to watch lots of movies but is not particular or have any preference about the kind of movies that you watch, then getting Netflix is really a no-brainer because it is a superb bargain. For under $10 a month, you can watch as many movies as you want, as many times as you want and choose from a digital movie library said to contain over 17,000 movie titles. That is a lot of movie titles and beats the collection of any movie renting website.

Well, that is the good news. The bad news is that if you want to watch the latest movies, then you might not find it on Netflix. The Netflix library contains movies which have been released for a while up to several months after the DVD is out. Some movies might not make it to the library for years. This is especially so for the more popular movies. Instead you get a lot of movies which are obscure and there are a lot of direct to DVD movies as well. Some of these obscure movies are lesser known but pretty high quality coming from independent or smaller producer. Some could be foreign movies which failed to garner box office support in the country but a good movie nonetheless. Unfortunately, the library has its fair share of low quality movies as well.

The selection in the library is bolstered with the addition of Starz Play titles which adds current programs and movies from the cable channel direct to Netflix. A recent deal with Epix also adds some of the movies currently running on the cable channel into the Netflix service as well. This brings a good choice of classic movies, TV programs, past and present to the library.

The quality of video and audio on Netflix is acceptable with some reviews saying that HD movies can be streams at Full HD 1080 quality if the internet connection has sufficient speed. Unfortunately, only about 10 percent of the current titles in the library have a HD version. The service supports most hardware specifications with almost every Internet device that is streaming video enabled having no problem getting the service.

If you are looking for the latest blockbusters on streaming video, you are not completely neglected by the Netflix streaming service. This is because every Netflix subscription will include an option of getting the latest blockbusters in DVD by normal mail. The cheapest subscription offers the rental of one disc a month but you can upgrade to 4 discs a month. If you do not like get the DVD and still insist on streaming the latest videos, Netflix is not the option for you. Instead check out Vudu which is reported the best for the latest movies but without such an extensive library.

Netflix is currently the most popular streaming video service around so it is no surprising to see that there are many reviews on the web about the service. Some are proponents while other seem to hate it for all its worth. Whether the service is worth the money is well up to the individual.

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Excellent share. I use Netflix on my PS3. This is really well presented.

Interesting read.thanks