Moon Bloodgood: A Different Moon Shines in the Movies
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Moon Bloodgood: A Different Moon Shines in the Movies

Moon Bloodgood: A Different Moon Shines in the Movies

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                   With a name that implies a heavenly body which one could only see when glancing heavenwards on a cloudless night and a surname that could only be thought about when you get a cut or wounded, the last word linked to it is just a fitting consolation. You are in a bloody situation but otherwise in good condition (Bloodgood) for indeed seeing this unique beauty exemplify an experience when you had been awestruck by the looks and your thoughts had been reconciled with the given name that identifies it afterwards.

                   Born Korinna Moon Bloodgood on 20 September 1975, Moon Bloodgood’s beauty resulted from the blending of the features gained from an American father of Dutch and Irish descent and a South Korean mother who endowed her with those tantalizing oriental eyes and facial characteristics. Her parents met in Korea when her father was stationed there and she was born in Anaheim, California from the resulting bond that followed. A former active cheerleading squad member for the LA Lakers basketball team, she appeared four times on Maxim’s Hot 100 list and gained the 20th spot in her latest. Her first film appearance was in “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton” in 2004 followed by promising film offers for which she gained due credit as part of the main cast.

Bloodgood as Katie in "Eight Below"

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                   In 2006, she gained a challenging role as Katie, a helicopter pilot in “Eight Below” playing alongside Paul Walker who played Jerry Shepard, a guide in an Antarctic research who later fall for her the second time at the end of the story having been both in a relationship in the past (story plot). 

Bloodgood as Starfire in "Pathfinder"

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                   In 2007, Moon Bloodgood accepted another major role as Starfire in the remake of a Norwegian film of the same title. Starring alongside Karl Urban in the role of Ghost, Starfire (Bloodgood) is the daughter of the “Pathfinder” who later took her father’s role at the end of the story after they have successfully thwarted Viking marauders who slaughtered their village at the time of the Dark Ages in American history.

Bloodgood as Lt. Blair Williams in "Terminator Salvation"

                   The film offers has just been ongoing that in 2009 Moon Bloodgood had another part in playing Lt. Blair Williams on the fourth sequel of the Terminator film series. She played the role of an A-10 pilot shot down in the “Terminator Salvation” movie who later collaborated with Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a 2003 death row inmate who donated his body to Cyberdyne Systems and awakens in 2018 only to realize his body had been altered as a hybrid (part human and part killing machine), a variant of the Terminator robots in the story. Aside from the role of Maya Sunee in “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” also released in 2009, Bloodgood still has a string of offers left. Just released in US theatres this November, “Faster” received positive reviews earning well in the box office with Dwayne Johnson on the lead role. She played Marina, wife of veteran cop played by Billy Bob Thornton. Then there’s another less faster film released last August 2010 where she played Beth in the drama film “Bedrooms”. With Moon Bloodgood in the movies notwithstanding TV offers which is definitely another story, all the viewers could expect moonshine or depends upon what you may think.


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I like it

Also I like it

Nice job, Deep Blue. I had never heard of this beauty.

You have described her with dignity and awe.