Real Life X-men
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Real Life X-men

In theaters when it was released the movie version of X-men was the hottest film. But would you believe there are real X-men? According to research there are real-life super powered characters.

In theaters when it was released the movie version of X-men was the hottest film.  X-men features a collection of human mutants- both good and evil who were born with bizarre, and extraordinary powers.  With such names as Magneto, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm and Mystique, these characters, creations of legendary comic book author and illustrator Stan Lee, live only in the imagination, on paper and now on film.

In the movie, X-men have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men or women. They bound around making blades spring from their knuckles, conjuring up hurricanes from the sky or manipulating their environment through telekinesis. 

But would you believe there are real X-men?  They may not be genetic mutants, in the strictest sense, and they may not be able to threaten or save the world with their strange and fantastic powers of the body and mind, but they are extraordinary.

X-men Characters

            X-Man Magneto


            Wolverine Xmen


            Storm X-men


             Mystique X-men


According to research here are real-life super powered characters:

Lightning man


Roy Cleveland Sullivan was a Forest Ranger in Virginia who had an incredible attraction to lightning or rather lightning had an attraction to him.  In 1942, when struck for the first time, he suffered the loss of a nail on his big toe.  Twenty-seven years passed before he was struck again, this time by a bolt that singed his eyebrows off.  In 1970, another strike and burned his left shoulder.  In 1972, lightning zapped him again, setting his hair on fire, convincing him to keep a container of water in his car,  just in case.  The water came in handy in 1973 when a low-hanging cloud shot a bolt of lightning on his head and setting his hair on fire again.  The sixth strike in 1976 injured his ankle, and the seventh strike in 1977 put him in the hospital for treatment of chest and stomach burns.

In 1983, he took his own life.  Lightning may have failed to kill him but perhaps the threat of it did.



Vladimir Durov was no ordinary animal trainer.  He claimed that with just the power of his mind, he can command animals to do his bidding.

The head of the institute for the Investigation of the Brain in Moscow decided to test Durov's claim.  The head created a list of tasks that he wanted one of Durov's dog to perform in a specific order, without any time for training.  After reading the list of tasks, Durov went to his dog, took his head in his hand and stared straight into his eyes- psychically transferring his thoughts directly to the dog.  The test was repeated with a new set of tasks but this time Durov was blind folded but his dog still responded to his psychic commands.

The Electro magneto Team


According to research there have been several documented cases of people who apparently possess inexplicable electromagnetic properties.

Jennie Morgan of Sedalia, Missouri could emit highly charged sparks from her fingertips that were strong enough to knock people unconscious.  A 14-year-old French girl Angelique Cottins mere presence made the needles of compass spin wildly.  Objects near her would vibrate unnaturally and objects as heavy as furniture would slide away from her if she tried to touch them.  Inga Gaiduchenko, a soviet student was highly magnetic too.  Before the members of the Moscow Technological Institute, she showed how spoons and pens struck to his hands as well as china plates and books.

Pyro-Elasto Man

Daniel Douglas Home hold burning embers in his bare hands completely without harm.  Sir William Crookes, of the British Society for Psychical Research once saw Daniel pick up a hot coal as big as orange and hold it nonchalantly in both hands.  He even blew on the coal until it become white hot and flames tricked around his bare hands.

Microscopo and Telescopique

Like super-powered human scientific instruments, these heroes used their fantastic vision to see microscopic details or great distances.  Veronica Seider,  a German dentist has telescopic vision.  In several demonstrations, she showed that she could identify people from more than a mile distance.  She also claimed that she could see the individual red, blue, and green dots that make up the picture on a color television set.

How do you explain the abilities of these astounding individuals- are they mere tricksters and hoaxers?


     Anonymous, "The Real X-Men,"  Women's Journal 24 June, 06

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Another fascinating read... it's amazing what the human race is capable of!