Ron Perlman: Getting to Know a Versatile, Bankable Actor
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Ron Perlman: Getting to Know a Versatile, Bankable Actor

Ron Perlman: Getting to Know a Versatile, Bankable Actor

Perlman in Season of the Witch

Ron Perlman is no doubt a famous film artist to those who were meticulous about movies and the personalities behind the cast off the screen. But for those who were merely watching films without due consideration to the cast, he maybe just another familiar face. But with nearly 60 films in both main and supporting roles and more than 50 voice works on TV, animated films and video games you won't regret knowing a very workaholic film and voice artist to update your knowledge of what is happening in the film industry.

Born 13 April, 1950 in Washington Heights, New York; Ron Perlman completed college earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater at Lehman College before pursuing his Masters degree in Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota in 1973. His first break on the screen started in 1981 in a film by Jean Jacques Annaud (Quest for Fire). Although the turn of events proved slow for his career afterwards it took 6 years later after accepting the role of Vincent in the TV series Beauty and the Beast that earned him a Golden Globe award sharing the screen with Linda Hamilton.

The 90's gave a string of film assignments to Ron that allowed him to move higher into that imaginary ladder of film roles; Sleepwalkers (1992), Double Exposure (1993), When the Bough Breaks (1993), The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993) and Cronos (1993) enabled him to attain more screen exposures, the latter film which became instrumental in allowing him to work with director Guillermo del Toro. As the friendship with del Toro deepened, Ron gained advantage to be part of the cast whenever the former has directorial film assignments which led to his first lead role with Hellboy in 2004, the break which del Toro fought so that he will earn the role against other bankable actors of the period ultimately earned him the reputation to be a bankable name in the industry years onwards where film offers suited his talent of landing varied roles from villain, hero, hoodlum and anything you may even find hard to imagine.

Below were his significant films, voice overs and TV appearances for your consideration:

Films:     1.Quest for Fire (1981)

                2.Sleepwalkers (1992)

                3.Cronos (1993)

                4.Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994)

                5.Alien Resurrection (1997)

                6.Enemy at the Gates (2001)

                7.Blade II (2002)

                8.Hellboy (2004)

                9.Dark Country (2009)

              10.Season of the Witch (2011)

Voice Overs:   1.Batman : The Animated Series (1992-1995)

                         2.Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

                         3.Teen Titans (2003-2006)

                         4.The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (videogame/2004)

                         5.Justice League Heroes (videogame/2008)

TV:         1.Beauty and the Beast (1987-1990)

              2.The Magnificent seven (1998-2000)

              3.Masters of Horror (2006)

              4.Sons of Anarchy (2008 to date)

              5.1000 Ways to Die (2009 to date)

            At 61 years old, Ron Perlman should be a rare face to see in an industry where most celebrities managed to shine for awhile at young age and wane as time goes by never to be seen again. A complete opposite for a man of many talent who never misses a role to pick up just to keep life going. In his own words he described his attitude towards the film industry by saying “I'll walk through fire to do what I do because the movie business, when it's right, is the coolest art form ever invented”.


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Comments (17)

Excellent work

Yiou have certainly done your due diligence in this well composed article giving a fine tribute as well.Thank you.

I do not watch a lot of movies but I did recognize his name, not sure from where, perhaps Quest for Fire.

Great account of this wonderful actor. I like his performance although I have never known his name. Thanks for the informative share

Brief and concise article, Ron Perlman is one of my favourite character actors voted up!

thanks for the bio

Exceptional as always. Voted up!

Great character actor.

A very interesting and informative read,my friend. Maybe I am different than most people but I have never spent too much time learning about actors and actresses. When it comes to movies, I either like a movie or I don't.It really doesn't matter to me who is in it. There are some actors and actresses that I like especially and look for movies with them in them but I develop that liking from the roles they play. I still don't spend anytime delving into their life. Have a happy and prosperous new year, my friend.

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I respect your stand about the film industry, Jerry. As for me this is the only aspect of life I'm a little bit "nosy" about just for the purpose of writing at factoidz. A prosperous and wonderful new year to all.

I knew the guy from 'hell boy' :)

Nice bio and I do recognize him.

Thanks for knowing this guy, Sandy, kabayan.

Ron Perlman is my singular favorite actor. A NYC local, I've seen some of his stagework as well. Thanks for featuring this well-trained artist.

truly a great actor

A great write-up of one of my favourite actors! First saw him in The Name of The Rose. Wonderful, deep :D

Thanks for the info on this excellent actor, voted. : )