Stand-Up And Be Counted: The Thrill Of Getting Laughs
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Stand-Up And Be Counted: The Thrill Of Getting Laughs

A look at performing stand-up.

Laughter is certainly the best medicine. Laughing has many mental and physical benefits. Psychologically, laughter releases endorphins that elevate a feeling of positive well-being. It also helps a person forget their worries, even just for a second. Also, it makes you breath deeper and quicker, allowing for oxygen to get into your bloodstream. It can also boost your immune system, helping keep sickness at bay.

Stand-Up comedy is one of things that cannot be easily defined. There are many different styles of humor and comedy. This alludes to the delivery and to the recipients. Whether it be sarcastic, or musical, or slapstick, there are so many more styles of humor to partake in. Yet, it seems that it takes bravery-level confidence to be that comedian, or comedienne, on stage.

But the beauty of stand-up lies in one thing. It is essentially the only job that you can have where you’re paid just to talk. Sure, other jobs, like teacher or politician, incorporate a lot of talking. Plus, a comedian must also be funny with what they say. Though, unlike the teacher or the politician, the comedian has no vocational duties other than to talk. Having mentioned the perception of a comedian’s confidence, would this apply to the teacher or the politician? Maybe, but for entirely different reasons. The added ‘pressure’ of having to make people laugh makes the comedian command such respect. Whether they are a pro of many years, or just started their first set.

I’ve been performing amateur stand-up for a year. Recently, I’ve moved from the UK to America, and I now seek to continue here. One phrase I hear is; “British humor is different from American”. Sure, that is true. But, sorry, true comedy has no nationality. Comedy, like music, has the power to transcend stereotypes and convention. It can transcend it all and bring people together. The power of laughter sparks a connection between people. A laugh can inspire people to realize that we are all in this together.

Say what you want about the confidence it takes to do stand-up. But, there is a certain narcissistic rush that comes from performing. The thrill that you can have all eyes and lights on you, and still thrive to make people laugh. Laughter is an immediate, impulsive response. If you aim for that response and achieve, there’s a satisfaction that comes with lightening someone else’s mood.

In essence, stand-up is a cyclical thing. A good comedian will make you laugh. But the good comedian has the satisfaction of making your night a good one.

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Comments (4)

Very interesting discussion.

I'd go see you perform your comedic performance if I could. Your composition is greatly appreciated.

Another fine piece of work that you have presented.

Thanks for sharing....