The Best in TV and Entertainment
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The Best in TV and Entertainment

In this report

In a worldwide recession more people are looking for entertainment they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home.This means watching quality programs on the television or getting high quality films and videos streamed through the Internet.With so much reality TV more and more people are becoming celebrities and their fans want to know what they are doing and where they can be seen.This also comes on the television and via the Internet.

Consumers loving films and TV will be deciding whether to go for Discovery Channel or Netflix as both supply interesting television programs and dvds.The difference is Discovery Channel programs are factual or based on fact while Netflix supplies films and DVDs that are pure entertainment.You also need to decide if you want to be confined to watching on your computer (with Netflix) if you haven't got the necessary devices to stream it through to the television,or on your television screen with Discovery Channel.

Fantapper is also computer-related as the apps all come through online and you have to be on your computer to click on to the icon in the sidebar.

#1 - Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is a digital channel that is available through cable or satellite television.Their online store allows you to purchase DVDs of your favorite programs originally screened on the Discovery Channel.

It is a Channel for all the family and it is like having your own visual encyclopaedia,the kids learn as they watch without realising they are being educated at home.

2012 is the 100th Anniversary of the tragic sinking of the giant ocean liner Titanic on her Maiden Voyage.Through the Discovery Channel you can rediscover the mystery and the tragedy by pre-ordering the Centenary Anniversary Collection DVD which ships on April 13th.

Not only can you purchase DVDs of all the shows such as Life and Planet Earth,Flying Wild Alaska,Shark Week and Man-v-Wild you can also buy souvenirs and clothing relevant to certain programs.

The full range of products Discovery Channel's online store sells are

They offer free shipping on orders over $100 and they are currently offering 25% discount on all MNouthman hoodies.If you sign up to receive alerts and offers you save 10% on your next order.

The good things about Discovery Channel it is a channel the whole family can watch together as the programs are suitable for all ages.Their online store is excellent with a wide range of DVDs,products and gifts.

The downside to Discovery Channel is that you cannot watch it unless you invest in satellite or cable television,even when the UK completes the digital switchover.

Sample prices from Discovery Channel

#2 - Netflix

Netflix is a subscription-based service where subscribers can enjoy unlimited films and TV episodes online.You can watch them on your PS3,Wii,Xbox,PC,Mac,iPad,Apple or TV with devices connected to your Netflix account.This includes game boxes,Wii Console,Xbox 360 or PS3 system.

Before committing themselves to a monthly subscription you can have a one month's trial of Netflix through Facebook.If you do not have a Facebook account you can set one up via the Netflix site.

The good things about Netflix is the huge variety of films and TV episodes that are available to watch instantly once you have signed up either for your month's trial or your monthly subscription.You can also cancel your subscription anytime with no hassle.

The downside is Netflix supplies high quality video instantly streamed over the internet and you have to watch it on an internet-linked device.It does work with every speed of computer but they recommend a minimum speed of broadband  of 500 kbps,0.5mb to watch them instantly.

Unless you have a laptop that can be connected to your television or other device you cannot watch the films or episodes on your television screen.This is quite awkward if you have a personal computer on a computer desk and not a portable device like a laptop or iPad.

Price from Netflix Monthly subscription $7.99 per month (£5.99 per month)

#3 - Fantapper

Fantapper is a site that offers clients a new way to find out everything they want to know about the celebrity they admire.It lets fans follow them wherever they go via apps to celebrity-related images and texts which Fantapper passes on to consumers.

The site is free and gives subscribers instant access to news,videos,social media and more about the celebrities whether they are actors,athletes,chefs,TV and radio personalities,musicians,politicians,anyone in the public eye.

Once you have downloaded Fantapper you never have to do anything else except click the icon in your sidebar as the site customizes itself to the celebrity you are following.

The good thing about this site is it is free,and you get all the apps on them from Utube,Twitter,Facebook and many other places for one click of a button.

The drawback is Fantapper is reliant on celebrities agreeing to participate on the site and even though they currently follow more than 45,000 celebrities the one that you want may not have agreed to subscribe.

The other drawback is you are unlikely to find out any personal information or secrets about your celebrity through Fantapper as the site is limited to the amount of information posted by their agent,manager or personal assistant and it is unlikely they will release any private secrets on a public site.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is Discovery Channel is best for families who want to watch educational and entertaining programs together on the television.Their online store is ideal for kids as they sell gadgets and toys related to the programs as well as hoodies,tees and other clothing relating to their favorite program.

Netflix is an ideal site for people who love good films and TV shows and prefer to watch them in their own home.It is best-suited to people who have a laptop,iPod or devices that can enable them to be screened to their television.

Fantapper is the number one site for fans,people who love following celebrities,knowing what they are up to and where they have been.Even where the fans can catch a glimpse of them.

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