The Best Media and Entertainment Sites
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The Best Media and Entertainment Sites

In this report

Three different sites all linked by one common denominator,entertainment.Two are designed to view great films and the third is so you can follow the stars of those films and other celebrities from the world of entertainment and sport.

The main problem, or perhaps it will not be a problem as the sites are so different,is to decide what you are looking for.Is it family entertainment that spans the generations or movies and television programs you can watch anytime,anywhere.

If you are a devoted fan of one particular celebrity,or perhaps several celebrities,then the free Fantapper site is obviously the one to choose.On this site you can legally follow your hero learning the latest news,hearing the latest recordings if they are in the music industry,without having to rushg out and buy expensive celebrity magazines.

#1 - Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is a satellite television channel that is packed with programs the whole family can watch together.It is rare these days to find programs that span the generations and interest everyone in the household from teenagers to their grandparents.

On Discovery Channel you can find adventure,cars and bikes,gear and gadgets,life and news.You can interact with the channel by taking part in some of their show games,do their puzzles,quizzes and more.Without realising it youngsters are being educated while being entertained.

Family-friendly programs shown on the Discovery Channel include

Find out what it is like to stand in the mud,rain and harsh weather of Alaska by watching Todd Hoffman and his Gold Rush team every week.There is also the opportunity to be featured on the Discovery Channel yourself if you do something crazy.Undersea miner Ian Foster did just that,he took a beat-up skiff,added used parts to it so it looked like a pile of floating junk and headed out into the Bering Sea to go diving for gold.His story is told in Discovery Channel's new series Bering Sea Gold.

Discovery Channel also has an online store which sells

The online store is ideal for those who do not have satellite or cable television, or just want to watch one of their favourite programs again and again.

Sample prices at Discovery Channel online store

#2 - Netflix

Netflix is a subscription-based service which offers thousands of movies and television programs to their customers.Before deciding whether to subscribe customers can use Netflix free for one month using facebook.

After that,if they decide to join,they can enjoy unlimited films and television episodes online for £5.99 per month.The benefits of subscribing to Netflix are

There are two rather grey areas regarding subscribing to Netflix,there is no mention anywhere on their website about parental guidance and anyone can sign up for a free trial using facebook.They say Netflix works with any speed of broadband but they go on to recommend a minimum speed of 500 kpps (0.5MB) to get the best out of the service.

There are several options to choose from regarding the way you watch the films and TV via Netflix.You can watch online on your computer,watch online on your television,connect your laptop directly to your TV,watch online on your TV,connect your game consoles on your Netfix account or watch online on your phone or tablet.

Netfix has revolutionalised the way people watch films and if you have any questions you can telephone their helpline 24 hours a day.

Sample prices of Netflix are              

#3 - Fantapper

Fantapper is the number one source for personalized information from your favorite celebrities or sporting heroes.You can get the latest news about them before anyone else and the latest sports news as it happens. 

Fantapper is an easy-to-use free "smart app" which means it is customized for the celebrity you are looking at and once you have downloaded the site and chosen a celebrity to follow you do not need to do anything else. Fantapper adds interactive apps to celebrity images and text to give instant access to news,videos, social media,storefronts and more.

There is no limit to the number of celebrities you can follow and you can keep up to date with what is happening in the world of film premieres, red carpets and top sporting occasions.

The plus side of Fantapper is that it is absolutely free so there is no price comparison to the other two companies.The downside is celebrities have to agree to subscribe to the site and although it currently tracks over 45,000 celebrities the one that you want to follow may not have actually agreed to participate yet.

The Bottom Line

Discovery Channel is top of the list because it has something for everyone.Families can watch great programs together like Frozen Planet and Planet Earth.It is a good channel to educate youngsters without them realizing they are being educated.There is something for everyone on this Channel and the interactive games and quizzes are fun to participate in.The online store means you can purchase DVDs of your favorite program so you can watch it again and again.

Netflix is a low-priced subscription-based service that is a must for film fans.For a low monthly fee subscribers can watch unlimited films and television programs on a variety of devices in the comfort of their own home,or on the move.

Fantapper is unique and not really comparable to the other two companies.This is site for true fans of celebrities,film and television stars and sports personalities.True fans want to know all about their heroes and this is the site for them.Celebrities have to agree to be featured on this site so you can legally follow their every move for no payment.

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I will give Fantapper a try. I usually go to IMDB.