The Best Vampire Movies of All Time
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The Best Vampire Movies of All Time

A list of some of the greatest vampire movies of all time

The recent incredible success of Twilight has made the Vampire movie genre appear in the headlines once more. Not since the cult success of the TV Show Buffy the Vampire Slayer have people started to focus on these appealing blood suckers, and their harrowing tales of blood lust, revenge, and seduction. The following is a run down into the best vampire movies there ever was, before anyone had heard of Edward Cullen.

Lets start with a cult classic from 1987, the title being The Lost Boys. Starring Corey Feldman and Kiefer Sutherland, this blended elements of comedy, drama and horror all into one delicious package. The story focuses on two teenage boys and their battle against a group of vampires. It is an interesting story, and a good film for beginners to start their collection with.

Next is an oldie but a goodie from 1922, Nosferatu : A Symphony of Horror. The story follows the vampire Count Orlok, and even though the entire movie is in silence it is really quite scary. Count Orlok himself with his long fingernails and dark intense scare it what vampires should be all about. Fanatics praise this movie and rightly so. The very first of its kind and still one of the best.

No vampire movie list could possibly be complete without the great Bela Lugosi. His portrayal of Dracula in the movie of the same name from 1931 still stands as one of the most memorable. The story follows the count causing havoc in London with one particular lady who catches his eye. A great horror classic, which started many generations of similar movies. This is where it all began.

Let us shift the attention from vampires now to the hero’s that try and stop them. Blade from 1998 not only spun a sequel but also a mountain of similar vampire slaying movies. The story follows one half human/vampire hunter and his quest to slay the blood suckers. This is a very interesting tale where somebody other than the vampire is the protagonist, the sequel fails to have the same impact however but the original is always worthy of a watch.

Finally we have the big budget, big cast, masterpiece Interview with the Vampire from 1994. Based on the novel by Anne Rice this brilliant tale introduces us to Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise playing the blood sucking fiends we all love. The story is narrated by a vampire who gives his point of view. This is a new direction to take the genre, and no other movie of this genre has been quite as entertaining since. Finally we have the ultimate vampire movie that stays true to the novel of the same name. This one is more than worthy to be in your collection.

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Comments (3)

Great work. Out of votes, but tweeted.

Thanks a million, glad you enjoyed it.

Dracula (1931) – always the champ. Classic blaxploitation sleeper in the genre: Blacula (1972). I'm over 15-years-old, so the Twilight creep doesn't appeal to me.