The Hard Truth About Getting Your Manuscripts Noticed By Producers
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The Hard Truth About Getting Your Manuscripts Noticed By Producers

The process of getting your book or manuscripts noticed is a difficult and long process that can leave you feeling defeated and worthless.

With so many published authors in the world it creates competition to even become noticed.  Think of yourself as a highschool sports star.  Sometimes if you are properly advertised and word reaches the right channels scouts will come and check you out from colleges.  Some very good sports players get overlooked because of where they are from.  This goes for us as writers as well.  If we do not have an agent or our agent just doesn't do a very good job our work goes unnoticed.

If you are like me and have no agent, it is about who you know, how well you write, and how well you present your work.  These days anyone can publish anything and that creates waves to be waded through.  It makes good solid writers difficult to locate.  We often go unnoticed for years and if we do not try hard enough, our entire lives.  Some authors that should have been millionaires died before they had the luxury of knowing their work made millions for their publishers.

It is a difficult industry to get into.  The entertainment industry is very unforgiving and very treachurous.  If you do not hold the copyright in your hand or at least proof that you wil be getting it your work could be stolen.  Some agencies have the access to copyright faster than the common author and if they copyright your story before you then it is over.  It has been done but it is a rare thing in the modern world.

If you have written a book or manuscript the first thing you want to do is copyright it in your name.  If you have an agent have him or her submit it to publishers and producers.  This is the waiting game and it can take months.  Major publishers turn down manuscripts left and right only publishing so many books per year.  Don't let this hinder your spirit.  Your agent would most likely be against self publishing though I have done it and my books are becoming quite popular.  Having a published book in hand helps you in ways simular to having an agent.  If your book sells and is popular enough it gets talked about.  Producers may decide on their own accord to read it and then if they like it contact you or your agentif you have one.

This is a gamble but so is life and everything we do.  You gamble with hiring an agent for a large amount of money and a percentage of your proffits.  SOmetimes you never make back what you initially paid the agency that represents you.  It is all about who you know and how your present yourself.  Be persistant.  Write well.  Present your story with passion and meaning, not as if it is just another book to buy.  Sometimes if interested parties see how much you believe in your work they are more inclined to look at it.  Do not push something that wil come back and cause you to never be accepted as a writer again.

If you think something is good that the rest of the world might frown upon then you may be ending your career abruptly.  The best advice I have is either gamble with an agent or gamble with who you know and self representation.  I self represent as of now but I may look into hiring an agent down the road to handle my future business.  Best of luck to all my fellow writers.  For people who want more information about publishing, check out my other articles.  I cover this subject quite frequently.  I hope this has been helpful.

Article by Kevin C. Davison

"I write to entertain, and for a cause."

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