The Rarest RCA CED Movies
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The Rarest RCA CED Movies

CED discs were an interesting concept back in the early 80's. The players had needles that played the discs just like a record player. Thier popularity was short lived and by 1984 RCA announced it was abandoning the system. There are a core group of people that still collect them. A few of the discs can be quite rare and hard to find.

Capacitance Electronic Discs, or CEDs, were large discs created by RCA to hold movies. They had grooves just like record albums and were played on machines that had special needles for playback. The system was conceived in the 1960’s, but a lot of technical difficulties delayed the launch to the public until 1981. The system predated the laserdisc system, but poor sales led to the halt of production in 1986. The system had a picture quality that was better than VHS but nowhere near as good as the DVD.  The CED system had a loyal core of fans and some people still collect the discs even to this day. Here is a list of some of the rarest and most valuable CEDs.

Most of the documentaries and music on CED were printed in small quantities, but this list will only focus on the movies themselves.

Return Of The Jedi

Return Of The Jedi was released at the theatres toward the end of the CED lifecycle and The disc was released as the systems was being discontinued. It is definitely the hardest one of the first trilogy to find.

Savage Streets

Savage Streets is a movie about a teenager who gets revenge on a gang who raped who handicapped sister. The funny thing about this movie is seeing a twenty-something Linda Blair play the role of a high school girl. The movie was released to the theaters in the fall of 1984 and not released on CED until 1985.

Falcon & The Snowman

Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn become spies for Russia in this gritty drama that seems destined to have a downer ending. This movie was very easy to obtain on VHS but it was harder to find on CED.

Follow That Bird

Bird Bird takes a cross country trip in this film based on Sesame Street characters. The fact that children’s movies were not big sellers on CED plus the movies was released late in the CED lifespan makes this one a collectable.

Love Letters

This drama starring Jaime Lee Curtis flew under the radar when it was released in 1983 but it has become more sought after nearly 30 years later.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome tells the story of a wanderer in a post-nuclear wasteland. This third installment of the popular Mad Max series was not released to the theaters until the summer of 1985. By the time it came out on CED, the system was already being discontinued.


Zombie was one of the many early 80’s horror movies that tried to cash in on the success of Dawn Of The Dead. This Italian shocker has some of the goriest scenes you will ever see in a horror flick. Horror movies on CED are very collectable and this one is not easy to find.


This science fiction movie became famous for the scene where the woman gives birth to the full-sized alien. The movie was a popular rental on VHS and is very collectable on CED.

Little Women (Animated)

There have been many versions of Little Women released over the years, but the animated one is the most sought after on CED.

Slave Of The Cannibal God

Ursula Andress and Stacy Keach star in this exploitation movie about a woman looking for her missing husband in the jungles of New Guinea. No major studio ever released this movie on DVD. The second-rate versions that were finally released by small companies are pretty bad. This may have added to the demand for the CED version.

Hospital Massacre

Barbi Benton stars as a woman who is stalked in a hospital by a maniac who is out to get revenge. The movie actually rises above the simplistic storyline and provides some suspenseful scenes. It has been hard to find on almost every format including VHS.

Happy Hooker Goes To Washington

This famous movie concerning a high priced prostitute who goes to Washington D.C. was never considered a work of art but has a very recognizable cast. The movie was not released in huge numbers on CED and can be difficult to find

Jewel Of The Nile

Jewel Of The Nile is not one of the rarest titles on CED but it becomes a collectable based on the fact that it was the last theatrical movie that was released in this medium.

The Story Of O

This erotic movie would be the pinnacle of any CED collection. If you wanted just one movie for your collection, then this one would be it. Very few copies were released to the public and if you came across one, it worth be worth quite a bit of money.

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Comments (6)

Avery illumination article, mark. I had thought that I was pretty knowledgable about all things electronic, but this was a new one for me. I had never heard of these Capacitance Electronic Disks before. I learned something new this morning from your well-written article.

I only knew a few of these movies. I'll check them out...

What a cool list. I have not seen all of these movies!

I am one of the \"Core Group\" of collectors, I bought my first player in 1982, got out of in for years, but got back into collecting in 2010. I have amassed almost 1000 titles, 10 CED players. I took a bedroom in our basement and turned it into a CED room, It is great fun. I have about half of the titles mentioned here, and I am still hunting for the others. There are a total of just over 1700 titles available on this format, and I am over half way there!

Hi all,

My father passed away and he was an avid collector of CEDs. I literally have a whole giant bookcase full of them, from every genre and am looking to sell them as a lot. I don't have a master list but can provide one if you give me some time. I am pretty certain I have Happy Hooker, Return of the Jedi, Beyond Thunderdome but have to double check. If anyone is interested or wants more information please email me at I hope this is not against forum ettique...Regards,Evan Lavine

I have every regular title put out on the CED format, but Story of O still eludes me. I don't know why it ended up not being released, some say RCA objected to its content but it was on the MGM label and there were plenty of other naughty titles including the X-rated "Last Tango in Paris" which RCA released on their own label, though there was never any hardcore porn on the format (maybe a big reason it failed?) Savage Streets was also never put out for sale, don't know the story on that one but was lucky enough to get it. There are a few discs made just for RCA dealers that are very neat to watch now, showing TVs, cameras and VCRs of the era. The VERY last disc was "Memories of Videodisc", given to people who worked at RCA after the pressing plant shut down. I also have 3 "video jukebox" discs made for a jukebox that never came to be, with 80s music videos.