The TV Careers of Three Actors: Alex O'Loughlin, David Boreanaz & Michael Vartan
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The TV Careers of Three Actors: Alex O'Loughlin, David Boreanaz & Michael Vartan

A look at the TV careers of BonesÂ’ David Boreanaz, Hawaii Five 0Â’s Alex OÂ’ Loughlin, and AliasÂ’ Michael Vartan.

Making a career in Hollywood is tricky, whether you are trying to make it as a film star, rule the sets as a sought-after TV star, or both. Sometimes actors get lucky, land a leading role in a TV series but the show is off the air after a season. Sometimes the show does go on, but after that particular TV show is over, the actors don’t get lucky with their following shows. However some actors pretty much land on their feet as one long-running show ends, only to be followed by another TV-show. Of course, the last one doesn’t happen that often.

Let’s look at the TV careers of 3 actors:

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- Michael Vartan: Michael Vartan has played lead and supporting roles in many movies, but he is primarily known with his starring role in the J.J. Abrams’ Alias (his hit TV show before Lost). He shared his screen time with Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper, both of whom made in equally popular as film stars as well. And while Vartan never had any employment problems, his following projects didn’t match the popularity of Alias. After that show ended after 5 seasons, Vartan got starring roles in the series Big Shots (in 2007), and Hawthorne (in 2009), 2 shows that both lasted only one, and 2 seasons respectively. It seems like the TV audience wants Michael Vartan to be tough yet emotional CIA agent, and not as a businessman or a doctor.

Vartan will hit the theaters in September with Columbiana, an action movie starring Zoe Saldana. While the movie will probably be hit (it was co-written by Luc Besson, who (co-)wrote Taxi, Taken, Leon, From Paris With Love…), it is hard to say if it will add to Vartan’s popularity. After all, Saldana plays a cool and gorgeous assassin, while Vartan provides to be the love interest.

- Alex O’ Loughlin:

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Australian Alex O’ Loughlin got a huge break as the leading actor of an American vampire series, playing an American) vampire. He prove that he was great with accents. Unfortunately, this vampire show, Moonlight, only lasted a season despite a loyal following and solid writing.

Later, he got the starring role in the hospital drama Three Rivers The show lasted for one season (and a total of 13 Episodes) before going off the air. Of course Alex was never exactly unemployed. He played in Australian productions, as well as Hollywood movies. He even starred in a romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez (the big deal here isn’t Jennifer Lopez, but rather that he got to be the male lead in a Hollywood movie).

So while Alex got a good resume, his stars didn’t shine the brightest until he got to star in the remake of the TV series Hawaii Five O. This time, not only did he get the starring role, but the show got really decent ratings and it is back due in Autumn. So, third time (or TV show) was the charm for Alex O’ Loughlin.

David Boreanaz:

David Boreanaz did try to get noticed through auditions, but when his luck turned better with Buffy, it really turned better. He co-starred as the Vampire Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the love of Buffy’s life. After his character saw so much popularity for 3 seasons, the makers of Buffy gave his character a separate show named Angel, which went on for 5 seasons. So Boreanaz played Angel from 1997 to 2004. And then in 2005, his crime/drama/thriller Bones started where he plays one of the two leading characters . And Bones is due back for a 7th season.


So it looks like Boreanaz has had the most luck with TV, followed by Alex O’ Loughlin. What do you think? Did/do you watch any of these shows mentioned? How do you feel about these actors’ cancelled shows?

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great short bio on these guys